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Window Decoration

This is Environmental Print. This writing sits outside of a Chinese restaurant on Lakeshore Parkway in Birmingham, Alabama.

Window Decoration

This was also taken outside of the restaurant on Lakeshore and is also Environmental Print.  

Chinese Writing

This sign decorates the entrance of a restaurant on Lakeshore Parkway and is Recreational because it serves as decoration and entertainment to the guests.

Salt with Chinese Labeling

This picture was taken at the Asian Market on Lorna Road in Hoover, Alabama. It shows Instrumental Reading. This item could be used as a discussion piece with students in your class.

Chinese Restaurant

This picture was taken on Valley Avenue in Birmingham, Alabama and shows Instrumental Reading.

Chinese Christian Church in Southside


This picture was taken outside of a Chinese Baptist Church in Southside, Birmingham and is an example of social interactional because it is inviting visitors to the church.

Chinese Cartoons

Below are two links to a Chinese cartoons. The first one includes Chinese subtitles. Why not set up a foreign language center where students can watch and listen (they are both about 8 minutes). Students could watch the first film and write a description of what they think the cartoon is about. They can watch the second one and see if there are any words they can pick up on. Get creative!!

Chinese Writing Exercise

Below you will find a link to a video. This video can be used to teach your students how to write 1, 2, and 3 in Chinese. This takes only a few moments and could be practiced a couple of days a week.