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You may find forms Italian literacy in many of the stores in the Birmingham area.  We found several Italian clothing designers in Jane Simon, Inc. in Mountain Brook Village.  Many of the clothing tags and receipts were written in Italian.  Birmingham is also home to many Italian restaurants.  Classic Italian foods such as lasagne, spaghetti, and manacotti are available in those restaurants.

Italian UPS label

Many American companies have overseas branches.  UPS has an Italian branch and their labels are written in Italian.  You can see the label below.  This is instrumental.

Italian clothing packing slip

The Italian clothing company Piazza Seimpione sells their clothes to Jane Simon.  The packing slips are available in both English and Italian.  You can see the Italian one below.  This is confirmational because the packing slip will be kept for store records.

UPS Shipping Label

This is another UPS shipping label.  You can see the address written in Italian where the package was shipped from.  Notice how some of the lettering is different from how we write.  This is instrumental.

Italian River

Captures the excitement of being around this italian waters.