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This page features images written in Hebrew that were captured around Birmingham, Alabama.

Passover Message

This image was found in a free paper that is delivered weekly to all Birmingham residents. It is Social Interactional.

Dr. Schwarzer's Car

This piece of Hebrew writing is hanging in the back window of our professor's car.  Maybe you have seen him driving around town or parked on the school campus?  What do you think it says?

Temple Beth-El

This is a picture taken in front of Temple Beth-El on Highland Avenue in Birmingham.  This is a form of environmental print.

Hebrew C.D.

This is a Hebrew C.D. seen in a car.  This is a form of recreational literacy.

Hebrew Alphabet Song

Below is a link to the Hebrew alphabet song. Use it in your class as an activity to learn the Hebrew alphabet!


The Hebrew Alphabet

Below is an image of the Hebrew alphabet. This diagram may be used to attempt decoding exercises in the classroom.