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Birmingham, like many areas, has a rapidly growing Spanish speaking population. This page features several images captured in our area, along with tips on how to encourage Spanish literacy development in your own classroom.

This link will take you to a site that is designed for beginning Spanish speakers.

Gas Station Instructions

These pump instructions were found at the Exxon station near the UAB campus.  There are directions in English with the Spanish translation written below.  This is a form of instrumental print.

Sears Credit Card Application

This credit card application was found at a Sears store in Birmingham.  The directions are written in Spanish.  This application would be instrumental if the person kept their credit card application.

Spanish Store

This image shows the sign of a Spanish merchandise store. This is an example of instrumental reading.

Open Sign

This sign posted in a local store window lets the customers know it is open for business. This is an example of instrumental reading.