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Did you know Birmingham has a large Arabic community?  You may have noticed the various "late-night" restaurants around the UAB campus.  The Purple Onion, Al's, The Pita Stop and Pyramids are all restaurants with foods from Arab countries.  The next time you order a gyro wrap or falafel, read the rest of the menu and you will find many Middle Eastern foods.

Naji's Pita Gourmet

View their website!

Billy Joel's "You're In My Heart"

Below is a plaque from Naji's Pita Gourmet on Valley Avenue in Homewood. This is a store and restaurant which specializes in Middle Eastern food. The writing is the lyrics to "You're In My Heart" by Billy Joel!  This would be confirmational because the owner told me his wife gave it to him.

Prophet Gibran

Below is a picture of the prophet Gibran.  He is a famous Arabic prophet.  The writing says "Whoa to a country that the wisest is tame, the strongest is blind and the crookest is a blabber mouth."  This is a form of confirmational literacy.

St. John Kame Coptic Orthodox Church

The Coptic Orthodox Church is a division of the Catholic Church.  This particular church is located in Homewood and meets on Saturdays.  The congregation is made of people from various Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan.  Below is a picture of their church bulletin.  You can see the English writing on the left and the Arabic translation on the right.  There is also a picture of Arabic writing from the back of the bulletin.


Middle Eastern Foods

This picture was taken in the window of Naji's Pita Gourmet.  You can see the various foods and brands available in the store.  Notice the labels are written in both English and Arabic.  This would be a form of news related literacy.